Why I Didn’t Vote

The short version is:  I don’t feel comfortable electing a commander-in-chief.  Whoever this person is has the right to approve the killing of criminals as well as innocent people.  Seems like we don’t mind hearing about the death of “terrorists” but we don’t mourn how many people were killed who just happened to be around.  By not voting, I am saying that I will not choose someone to represent a position with which I am not comfortable with.

So more thoughts:

– Saying that you are voting for the lesser of two evils is still saying that you’re voting for evil.

– I won’t argue with you about if President Obama is Christian or not.  I will say that being proud of approving the killing of anyone (Osama) is not Christian.  I will say that all Christians will be held accountable for what they say and approve, regardless of what their job description says. 

– My wife brought up a great point.  Some people say you are not being a good citizen because you are not exercising your right to vote.  You also have a right to bear arms.  Are you not a good citizen because you don’t own a gun?

– I don’t expect my government to align itself with God’s best.  Commands for righteousness and living for His glory was not given to any government, but for those who believe on Him.  Even if the laws of this country represented Godly values, and the economy was awesome, it still won’t save anyone. 

-I will pray for my leaders. With His grace, I will obey the laws as long as they do not go against His commands.  The reason for doing this is so that He is glorified.  With love, I can write my Christian politicians and encourage them to vote for His best.  

I am not judging anyone for not voting or voting.  These are my reasons/thoughts for not voting.  My behavior and love for people will always count much more than my ballot. 



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