Now Bring Us Some Questionable Desserts…


Nice cake right?

It looks good.  It probably smells good.  It is obvious that quality time and energy was put into making such a eye appealing, seemingly sweet dessert.

What if I told you it was made with dog feces?

Still want it?

Would you offer a slice to your loved ones?

It still looks good to eat, right?  I mean, this lovely looking and possibly good smelling and tasting cake started out as a few ingredients.  One of them just happens to be something that you would NEVER eat, let alone lovingly serve to anyone else!

So you’re probably wondering, what does this have to do with Christmas?

I would encourage you (especially Christians) to do your research on the origins of Christmas.  I could write it all here, but I wouldn’t want you to take my word for it (I hope you can hear the Reading Rainbow jingle!)  Perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps doing a google search on the origins of Christmas led me to see only what I wanted to see.  If so, I will correct my post.  I wanted to be wrong about what I read.

I have happy memories that involve Christmas.  Christmas music is some of my favorite music.  I can’t listen to Nat King Cole’s Christmas album without thinking of my grandfather, who I am still so thankful for.  I still remember that anxious feeling of staying up all night to see what Santa brought me each year.  I proposed to my wife by hiding her ring on a Christmas tree.  I could also talk about the ugliness and not so great memories, which seem less than the good ones, but I want to say that the motivation of this post is not from receiving coal growing up, or wanting to be a Scrooge with my money.

Let’s go back to the cake.  Let’s say you had a bite, that first bite in the picture there, not knowing what went into making this delicious looking dessert.  And let’s say you thought it wasn’t bad.  You were thinking about eating the whole thing after bite number one, and then I informed you of the foul ingredient.  Would any other bite taste as sweet?

Until this year, I hadn’t done research on the origins of Christmas.  I could be wrong on what I’ve learned, but right now the good looking cake that is Christmas looks like dung that is really well prepared.

You might be bothered by this post right now.  I understand why you would.  Question for you:  Which group of Christmas enjoying people will have more to say about me being a “humbug” about this, Christians or the world?

The world already calls me a humbug, because I am a Christian!!!  John 15:18-19, 1 John 3:13

So what now?  The season is here.  What do I say?  What do I do?  Do I go around looking like this guy?


Only problem is, I don’t think I look as cute in a Satan — I mean Santa hat.  More thoughts:

  • God called me out of the world to rejoice and worship Him 365 days a year!  Joy shouldn’t last for a season annually.  Giving rather than receiving is a lifestyle.  Anticipating the coming of the Savior is a commandment.
  • The second greatest commandment Jesus said is to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31)  I don’t see in the Gospels any reference as to this being limited to a specific time of year or one day.
  • Seems like there is more Biblical justification for celebrating the Lord’s Supper than any other “Christian” holiday (Christmas, Easter, etc.) yet we don’t get as excited/happy/joyous about this.  Why?
  • Do we really believe Paul when he says in 2 Corinthians 11:14 that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light?  What does an angel of light look like today?
  • When looking over the Old Testament, we see there were so many negative consequences to the Israelites accepting the gods and customs of other peoples.  Do you think that God would be happy with the Israelites if they took a celebration intended for Baal, and added His name to it?
  • Could the celebration and value put in Christmas be worship in vain as Christ says in Mark 7:6-8?  Colossians 2: 8… could Christmas be cheating us?
  • Many will say something similar to this:  “Regardless of the origins, it does not have the same meaning/value as it once did.”  My response is (with love,) “Yes, the questionable ingredient is part of a cake now.  The cake may not make you sick since it’s been cooked at a high temperature.  Do you still want to eat it?  Which loved one do you want to serve it to?”

I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s (especially my Christian brothers and sisters) holiday season.  I just want to encourage you to celebrate today the names ImmanuelGod with us, and Jesusfor He will save His people from their sins!  Celebrate today, while there is still breath in our bodies!

His peace.


3 thoughts on “Now Bring Us Some Questionable Desserts…

  1. Brian Wenger

    You are certainly correct that the major Christian holidays have pagan roots. The early church, in an attempt to curb pagan worship, instituted their high holy days around pagan festivals to discourage their practice.

    While reading your thoughts, I was thinking about our own questionable origins as people. Those of us who have come to the saving knowledge of Christ have our “old self” redeemed. That which was past is gone, and we are redeemed. Jesus has the power to take what was once dog poop and turn it into something beautiful. The old self is not gone (in fact he pokes his head out way too often), but we are still considered clean by Jesus’ standards.

    Is it not then feasible that Jesus can take a celebration that was once reprehensible to him and turn it into something through which he garners praise? The message of Christ is one of personal and global transformation. I think that the story of the Christmas holiday’s origins are actually a testimony to the redemptive work of Christ in us. We no longer celebrate the winter solstice and earthly gods, but now turn our attention to the one true God incarnate.

    1. thomptim Post author

      Good thoughts Brian! I see where you are coming from. However, is there not a difference between what God created (man, animals) and what man creates(invented holidays)? God redeems what He has created, and restores His creation to peace with Him through Christ. Praise Him for this! But taking what man creates, and transforming it into something good…do we see that in the Bible? I’ll have to look into that.
      I don’t feel that Christians celebrate the winter solstice or earthly gods today…but is all this celebrating Christmas worship in ignorance? When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan at the well, He said that the Samaritans worship in ignorance. He never questioned the sincerity of their worship…so isn’t sincere, good intended ignorant worship still worship in ignorance? Are we okay with offering ignorant worship?
      Grace and peace!

      1. thomptim Post author

        thought about this some more…let’s take 2 Kings 21 (although we could use several Old Testament texts.) Would God accept any worship from Jews generations after this time period if they took the idols Manasseh built that God detested, and just put His name on them? I mean, they were in the temple already, and if they looked good, why not keep them up and then make it to His glory instead of Baal’s?
        How would the scenario above be any different to taking a pagan holiday and putting a Jesus flag over it? Compromise is not God’s best. Compromise can get you killed, or lead to the falling away of others.
        We can also look at 2 Kings 18. Verse 4 we see Hezekiah even taking something that was made for His glory and having it destroyed because it was causing His people to stumble. The result of Hezekiah’s obedience in destroying idols can be found in verse 7. In the same chapter we see the result of disobedience (9-12.)

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