Good Intentions

I pray that His grace gives Him glory through this post.  That is my intention.  I want to encourage you all to see that good intentions do not always equal acceptable offerings.

Check out 1 Chronicles 13. 

There is good intention – bringing the ark of God back to the land of Israel.

There is community agreement that this has a good intention and people who are willing to assist in making this good intention become something pleasing.   

There is sincere worship (13:8.)

There is more good intention!  Uzza does not want the ark to fall. 

God is angry by this and kills Uzza.

What??????  Why?  These people had good intentions!!!  Isn’t that what matters???

Read chapter 15.

God was mad because He wasn’t consulted about how He wanted everything to go down.  The sincere worship, the new cart, even the unity of the people didn’t matter.

Good intentions may not equal God’s best.  Good intentions can bring death.

If God saved us by offering His best, shouldn’t we offer our best in pursuing and discovering His best for His sake? 

His best is His people worshiping Him in spirit and in truth.  Sincere worship without both is not His best.  Sincere worship without truth is ignorant worship. 


We don’t have to search hard on the news to see various acts of worship.  The “What Would Jesus Do?” movement was pretty popular years ago.  But before we ponder that question, shouldn’t we ask and search for the answer to “What Did Jesus Do?”

They could be the same, or it could be the difference of life and death. 

It could be the difference between words of life and causing a stumbling block.


Rick Warren, well known author, pastor of a large church in California, and speaker, looks like he has good intentions.  But what is the fruit?  I read the Purpose Driven Life years ago, even led a small group on it.  Here is what I failed to see back then.

Warren has expressed a desire to eliminate poverty, disease, illiteracy and other large problems in the world.  Great intention!  I also want the same for everyone.  But, more importantly than that, I desire for everyone to come to the knowledge of Jesus as God’s appointed son.  Truth is, being rich, healthy and well-educated may make your life comfortable, but it won’t save you!

For more on Warren’s message and the desire to use worldly means for good intentions, check out this link on Church of Tares: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Church Growth & New World Order.

May His grace guide you to do His best for His sake.



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