Softly & Tenderly

If you are humming the old hymn in your head due to the title of this post, I encourage you to think about the lyrics.  Now I encourage you to think or search the Scriptures for the records of God calling His people into repentance.  Think of Paul’s conversion, the first believers after Pentecost, and check out the reactions of all those who rejected the Gospel.  Would we really call being knocked off of a horse, or being cut to the heart soft and tender?

I went through the Christianity section of Barnes and Noble a few days ago, and saw another Sarah Young book.  In case you are not familiar with Sarah Young, she authored the best selling book Jesus Calling.  Apparently Jesus had more to say to people through her, so this best seller was followed by other books, one of which I browsed through.  I found it interesting that the Jesus that speaks by Young’s pen is always gentle and seems to feel positive and uplifting.   I have a big problem with this series, this author, this premise for several reasons:

  • if Jesus had something to say to His people, then why is the messenger selling His words?  Yes, there are lots of people making money off of Christianity (which could be another post,) but would Paul have charged for his epistles, or Peter or John for their letters?  Just think of all of the money that could have been made off of Revelation!!  If pay-per-prophecy was okay in the early Church, would there even be a debate as to the author of Hebrews?  I don’t care if I am broke, if God gives a word to His people, it is to be spoken.  If His people choose to support by giving, then so be it.  Ultimately, I know that God will provide whatever I need in order to get His word out and His work done!
  • Sarah Young admits that her inspiration was from a book written years ago by Catholic mystics called God Calling.  Part of this mysticism is talk of being in the presence of God.  For more on mysticism, and how it has crept into non-Catholic Christianity, please read this.
  • After browsing through one, and hearing someone speak from two of Young’s books, where are the words of Christ that made so many people reject Him (hating family members, suffering, judgment for good/bad deeds when He returns?)  Would any non-believer be offended by any of these books?

I have heard of several people using this book as their main source of seeing what Christ has to say.  Some are younger to the faith, some have called themselves Christian for years.  Why are we so quick to try to get knowledge from anyone, anything and anywhere other than the Bible?  What blessings are we missing out on?

Lots of books will show you how to live.

Only one will show you how to die, and allow you to learn of the One who didn’t deserve to, yet did so that we could have eternal life!

Is Scripture as easy to understand as a Sarah Young devotional?  No!

Is He worth learning about regardless of what you may feel about your level of intelligence?  Yes!

Jesus calls us to repent from believing in dangerous teachers like Sarah Young.  Repenting is turning away…regardless of how good it sounds don’t listen to it!

Jesus calls us to love one another as He loved.  I encourage you to study (through the Bible) how He loved.  It wasn’t always a feel-good experience.

Jesus calls us to love Him more than any other person, culture or idea.  Jesus calls us to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice.

We are called to give Him glory regardless of what it costs us.


Because He could have called angels to deliver Him from a criminal’s death… yet He gave Himself for us to call a people for His own.

If you have found this offensive, or it hurts, I completely understand how you feel!  Guess that could be another post as well…

Praying that you walk worthy of His calling!

Additional book reviews of Jesus Calling:

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