While We Wait

This article helped me understand my feelings better. It’s from the magazine, Homeschool Enrichment and written by Jonathan Lewis.

“I would suggest that modern technology and entertainment have done great damage to young people’s sense of vision and purpose–especially among young men. I’m not anti-technology. But never before in the history of the world has triviality and mind-numbing shallowness been so tantalizingly seductive and so pervasively omnipresent. Never before has it been so easy to check out of real life and live in the realm of the hypertrivial.

Perhaps most destructive to young men is the fact that video games and movies can give us a mental and emotional rush that makes us feel as if we’ve really participated in something grand when in reality we’ve been passive onlookers. We’ve done nothing, and yet the drama of the story intoxicates our minds and emotions and tricks us into feeling that…

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