Basically, this very unique post is awesome!


You may literally want to rip my head off when your done reading this post. In fact, you may want to do it a whole nother time after that.

One awesome thing I’ve come to learn about the English language is that words are important. I’m not trying to flout my knowledge, here. I’m simply inferring that perhaps we should be more careful about protecting the beauty of our native tongue. The thing is, I love language.

So, let’s lie down our prejudices against one another and talk honestly. If we don’t, we’ll just keep perpetrating the cycle of hate for one another. Frankly, no one’s trying to decimate your entire existence, here. But, we can address safety concerns afterwards.

You might feel totally disinterested in this whole conversation, but wait. If you have terribly chronic grammar problems, there’s hope. I can help you become a grammatical whiz…

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