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Family Ministry: Family, the Original Small Group Ministry

“When it comes to teaching God’s Word and ways, parents have slipped from a primary role into a supporting role. Earlier generations of Christians understood what contemporary Christians seem to have missed: Families are the first and most effective small-group of all, and every parent is a teacher.”


Family Reunion

I do not take advantage of family reunions like I should.

Instead of getting to meet members of my family that I don’t know, I spend all my time with the ones I know how to contact. 

I could blame it on lack of time spent with known distant family, my generation’s tendency to want to connect with people via social media and texts rather than living bodies in front of us, or I could even say “that is what everyone else is doing.”  I know these are all excuses. 

So can we also confess that we as Christians do the same thing on a Sunday morning?

Each time we “go to church,” we are go to a family reunion!

A bunch of sinners gather together united in Him to give thanks, love each other, and encourage one another to be fruitful for His name’s sake.  There is joy as we think of Him who became sin for us that we can be His brother!

But then there are people that we don’t know who come to a gathering.  What do we do?

We don’t know if they are our siblings in Him.
We have places to go in the building,  kids to catch or hold.
We didn’t reach out to brother _______ or sister ______ over the week, so now is a good time. 

These are a few reasons why we leave it to the pastor, officials, greeters and ushers to make the unfamiliar faces feel welcome.

Is this God’s best?

Ever think about how you and the brother/sister you don’t know well or just met have more in common than your closest blood relatives who don’t know Him?

Didn’t Jesus die for the new people too?

How is that being communicated if we assign shaking hands, smiling, and knowing names to certain members or visitor cards?

Dear saint, I encourage you to take joy in being united with brothers and sisters, the familiar ones AND the ones you don’t know so well.  Caring for and loving on members of God’s family are important to God, and they should be important to us as well. 

His peace.