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Thoughts After A Year of Walking

This morning I was notified that I have been a blog user for a year.  I thought that I would update this since I have a snow-filled day of travel. 

The best thing I can share with anyone is that Christ died for my sins!  This is great news!!! 

I could write so much more, and maybe at sometime I will, but I don’t have to do anything to earn favor with Him, and my working towards saving myself is ridiculous when our God has already offered eternal life through belief in His Son.

Instead of reading my blog or anyone else’s, I encourage you to meditate on what God has to say in His Word.  It will be more edifying, comforting, and fulfilling than anything I could ever write. 

His peace.

A Pentecostal in (General) Support of the Strange Fire Conference

I am not fully supporting MacArthur or the Strange Fire conference, but I find the points of this Pentecostal pastor interesting.

Question Tradition

The issue of John MacArthur’s recent Strange Fire Conference (and forthcoming book) is all the rage in the Evangelical blogosphere right now. Truth be told, I’m impressed by the attention the whole thing is drawing. If you know anything about MacArthur you know he is a cessationist, and that he has promoted cessationism publicly for quite some time.

I gather the issue is not MacArthur’s cessationism, which is well-known. The issue is that MacArthur has thrown down the theological gauntlet. He’s not merely saying continuationism is wrong, he’s saying it’s wrong and dangerous. While I was not at the conference, reports I read had MacArthur likening Charismatics to Mormonism, saying that Evangelicals will challenge 14 million Mormons, but are silent in the face of half a billion Charismatics. This is inflammatory, perhaps even reckless, speech.

But as you may have gathered from the title, I’m not writing this post to…

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