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Catholic Collection

God desires for all men to be saved.  The collection of articles and videos posted below is meant to help me best communicate how Catholicism robs men of the love of Christ by making them believe that salvation happens in anything other than faith.  I am not saying anything new here, just unpopular amongst those who believe in the “can’t we all just get along” theology.   

In case it is not clear, I believe Catholicism is a different religion that on surface level appears to be Christian.  I would first like to make an observation on the book of Galatians that (along with some brothers and sisters and the Spirit,) helped me in coming to this conclusion.  After having been blessed with the opportunity to study this book with brothers and sisters in Him, I was given this question:  Were the people that were spreading the false gospel spreading the belief that Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, the Messiah, or even that He wasn’t raised from the dead? 

If it is being preached that belief in Jesus AND doing xyz leads to salvation, is that faith alone that saves? 

I’d encourage you to see what the Catholic religion teaches about how one becomes saved.

Few questions for those that do believe that Catholicism is another form of Christianity (as I once did:)

  • what was the Protestant Reformation for?
  • what was the counter-reformation for, and what did it conclude?
  • what is the official Roman Catholic verdict on Protestants?  Are they saved or not?
  • the major opinion in the past was that Catholicism was a different religion.  What has changed over the years in Catholic doctrine that makes it different from those that declared it separate?

I believe that there are those within the Catholic church whom God will call out as His child!  Please pray that God opens eyes and breaks down walls so that His gospel breaks through.

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